Friday, 2 December 2016

December 2nd 2016
    It has been many months since we wrote our last blog post. Back in March, things were looking bleak for Davie and sailing in the Sea of Cortez. However, after some excellent medical care by one of Washington’s top oncologists, we are back on Cygnus for a few weeks.
Cygnus in the travel lift ready to launch.
     We were delighted to find her in excellent condition under a fine coating of dust. It took a couple of days of work to ready her for launch. The only glitch we encountered during the launch was that the gear shift cable had jammed in the forward position and we shot out of the sling without delay to the surprise of all.
      Once we were settled on anchor off La Paz,  we took a few more days for minor repairs and provisioning. We had a nice visit with the Doctor who had originally attended to Dave in March. She was delighted to see how far Dave had progressed.
     About five days after our arrival we finally motored out of La Paz and headed for Caleta Lobos. A beautiful cove just a few hours out of La Paz. We set the hook well before sunset and enjoyed a relaxing evening with only two other neighbors. And a visiting sea turtle.

The next day we took the Kayaks to the beach and hiked to the top of the ridge where we were able to view a wonderful panorama including La Paz to the south and the island of Espiritu Santo to the north west.
The view of Espiritu Santo in the distance, from the ridge above Puerto Balandra

Tonight we are hunkered down in and unexpected 20 knot westerly blow. We took the opportunity to rest and work on the installation of our new solar panels.

Another beautiful Mexican sunset.