Sunday, 1 May 2016

La Paz -Mill Creek, WA - Olympia

It's been a long time since the last post on this blog, sorry. A lot has happened, but not much of it has involved sailing. After Cabo San Lucas I motored toward La Paz with stops at Los Muertos, Los Frailes, and Caleta Lobos. I snorkeled the coral reef and did a little hiking at Caleto Lobos and then proceeded into La Paz.
Cygnus anchored at Caleta Lobos
While at Caleta Lobos I started feeling distinctly ill and sought medical treatment in La Paz. It turns out nearly everyone in La Paz is either a cab driver or a medical professional (or at least that was my impression). After about two weeks of testing and diagnosis I had learned that medical care in Mexico is really outstanding, but Pancreatic cancer was a bit beyond their expertise. Pete rejoined me in La Paz and was a great help through a trying time. They recommended that I go to Mexico City for a biopsy but we decided to return to Seattle instead. We put Cygnus in the boatyard at Marina Fonatur and Pete prepped her for a long stay on the hard (I was very little help by this point).

I have had three surgeries (one in La Paz and two at Virginia Mason) and begun chemotherapy at Virginia Mason. With luck they will remove what remains of the tumor this fall after six months of chemotherapy. I am resuming my old job at Geology Division tomorrow. It is truly incredible that the same job was open again, and I feel very fortunate for the opportunity.

My brother Andy has given me his sailboat, a Corbin 39 named Tilikum. I am now a liveaboard again at Swantown Marina in Olympia. Things have come full circle in the past year. The sailing adventure will resume, a little, next winter when we return to La Paz and launch Cygnus for a few weeks vacation. Then she will resume her place on the hard. With lots of luck and some great medical care (both of which I appear to have in abundance) the bigger adventure may resume in a few more years.

Thanks to everyone to following this blog. Stay tuned for some great pix of our winter adventure at Isla Espiritu Santo next year.

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